Biliana Voutchkova

Biliana Voutchkova is a devoted interdisciplinary artist, violinist, performer, composer, improviser and curator with a truly personal, unconventional artistic language. Through the prism of listening, her early training in classical music and the following years of development as a mature contemporary artist-performer, she explores states of spontaneity and intuitive resonance embodied in her multifaceted activities. Her work spans a wide range of sound, vision, movement and includes long duration and multidisciplinary formats, concerts, performances, compositions and installations with focus on the specifics of the sound space.

BILIANA VOUTCHKOVA. Photo: Photomusix/Cristina Marx

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Based between Berlin and her rural residency on the black sea coast of Bulgaria, Biliana works as a soloist and with renowned ensembles such as the Splitter OrchestraUnited BerlinSolistenensemble KaleidoskopEnsemble ModernVoutchkova/ Thieke duoJane in Ether etc.

Among her recent/current projects are the premiers of two pieces for violin and voice written for her by Peter Ablinger and Anna Korsun; the development of a new work and release with Sarah Davachi, based on the music of Ernstalbrecht Stiebler; her first solo exhibition-performance Under the veil of consciousness at One Gallery / Sofia; solo tours in France, Colombia, Chile, USA, Australia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan; the development of new non-standard formats presented live and in various digital platforms (with Tomeka Reid for Bricolage / Goethe Institut Chicago, solo portrait for ESS Chicago / Option series, live stream concerts for Kaleidophon Festival, Moers Festival etc.); and three new releases – her solo album Seeds of Songs on the London based label Takuroku, Jane in Ether’s Spoken/Unspoken on Confront Recordings and the upcoming An den Mond with music by Peter Ablinger on Inexhaustible editions.

Biliana is the founder and curator of the DARA String Festival and a recent recipient of the Composition Stipend from the Berliner Senate, grants from INM/Berlin, Musikfonds, Goethe Institut, National Culture Fund/Bulgaria and the Trust for Mutual Understanding/New York.

“…Voutchkova, as she does on several occasions, speaks as she’s playing, in a low tone that’s indecipherable to me and all the more mysterious and beautiful for that. It’s a very simple idea, I suppose, but one that I find very strong and oddly moving.”
– Brian Olewnick/Just Outside, UK

“…rich and imaginative sonic vision, where spontaneous and intuitive sounds and their resonant
qualities in time and space are means to reach deeper wisdom and sensitivity,
of ourselves – bodies and souls – as well as of the world around us.”

– Eyal Hareuveni/Salt Peanuts

We are presenting a variety of Biliana’s projects. Below you can find a selection, to help you decide which booking fits best to your event. Please, do not hesitate to ask us for more details about your choice. 

1. Long durational installation-concert / suitable for art galleries, smaller spaces with rotating limited audience, festivals with experimental and sound art drive.

2. Solo violin and voice / concert programs can be fully improvised, a mixture between improvised and composed music or fully composed, including new or older contemporary compositions, with or without the voice.

3. Amati Lenta / electro-acoustic duo work which can be performed with diverse electronic musicians, or as a solo. 

4. Exhibition and installation formats / including various media formats and/or installations by the artist.
Voutchkova is also interested in developing works based on other media or visual art, using it as a kind of score.